Fuel Save Tips: You can also save fuel in your vehicle, just do these things

Fuel Save Tips: You can also save fuel in your vehicle, just do these things

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Keeping in view the fuel prices, if you also want to save the fuel of your vehicle, you can also do this by following these methods. With these tricks, you can save fuel in vehicles ranging from two wheels to four wheelers. Saving fuel, especially in such a situation, can help your economy a little.

Check your air filter
A clean air filter is the key to a good fuel economy. Air filters are easy to check and replace; Remove the filter and keep it in the sun. If you can’t see the light coming through it, you need a new one. If correct, the fuel will flow properly into the engine and no additional fuel will be required.

slow speed
As the speed increases, the fuel requirement is the same. So it is important to drive at a lower speed so that you can save as much fuel as possible. This method you can apply for any vehicle.

What to do in case of jam
Excess fuel is spent on jams. In that case, you should pay attention to how you drive the vehicle. In case of jams, the car or bike should continue to drive at as fast as possible. Sometimes suddenly fast and sometimes suddenly slow down leads to high fuel consumption.

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Slowly Speed Up Vehicles
You move slowly to start the vehicle and move forward. Use gears one after the other carefully and speed up your vehicle’s speed will save your bike and car fuel. The AC of the car should be closed while driving. The window can be used if required.

Lose weight and drag
Lose weight and the lighter the vehicle, the less pressure will be on the engine. When the total weight of the vehicle is low, there is less pressure on the engine and the required energy is also low. A light vehicle will consume less fuel than a heavy vehicle running on the same engine. Therefore, it is important to keep the vehicle light wherever possible.

Tire Pressure
Low tyre pressure increases resistance, making the engine work more, which in turn increases its fuel use. Therefore, it is important to keep the tyres inflated at recommended air pressure or above. Check the tyre pressure once a week and before going on a long drive. The correct information about the tyre pressure of the vehicle is usually written on the driver’s side door. Balance and align the wheels at recommended intervals.

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