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love showing again for Dogecoin of Mark Cuban… Alan Musk also supported!

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Billionaire Mark Cuban’s love for cryptocurrencies is not hidden from anyone. His NBA team Dallas Mavericks one of the few major sports ventures that have shown confidence in digital coin. Shark Tank star’s basketball team was the first team to start accepting Dozcoin as a payment for its business and soon after Cuban said payments increased by 550 per cent Doge after the month before the move. Now Cuban has announced an incentive programme (incentive programme) to further boost dozcoin for buyers of Mavericks receiving even bigger support from another billionaire entrepreneur – Alan Musk.

Cashback Program to Fans Mavericks Online Store eligible on cryptocurrency returns rewards for purchases made with. It is scheduled to run from August 13 to September 20.

The campaign will reward buyers who spend $150 (approximately Rs 11,000) or more on goods at the store with a gift card of $25 (approximately Rs 1,800). However, the offer will not be applicable to many purchases to reach the $150 price and buyers will have to make the same purchase. The gift card will then be mailed within 5-7 business days. These purchases include suite tickets and lower level tickets for Mavericks Games. Since the campaign is about dozcoin, payments made with this cryptocurrency will be valid only for publicity.
Many high-profile people have come out in support of Cuban and his campaign. One of them is Billy Marcus, co-founder of DOGE. “If you want to support one of the first big-name vendors to publicise DOGE for purchase, as Mark Cuban says, it’s ready for you,” Markus retweeted Cuban’s post.
In March this year, Mavericks became the first NBA team to accept Dogecoin as payment. Cuban, who became a billionaire after selling his online video portal company Broadcast.com Yahoo in 1999, said last month that Mavericks was ready to give special pricing for goods to those who made payments in Dogecoin.
CNBC with a recent interview In , Cuban had said that Dogecoin is the “strongest cryptocurrency.”
Until September 1 (IST 5.30 pm), Dozcoin Price in India It was Rs. 21.80.


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