OnePlus Nord 2 5G के चार्जर में हुआ ब्लास्ट, रिप्लेसमेंट के साथ कंपनी ने दिया यह बयान

OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger blasted, company makes statement with replacement

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OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger reportedly burst during charging. The incident is said to have taken place in Kerala on Sunday and the affected user reported it through a Twitter post. OnePlus has admitted to the news of the blast in the charger but added that the blast was caused by external factors including voltage fluctuations. The company also introduced a new charger in replacement to the user soon after Gadgets ROSHIYA sought comment on the matter on Tuesday.

Jimmy Oze (Jimmy Jose), a software engineer from Kerala, took to Twitter Told That his OnePlus Nord a charger with 2 5G suddenly exploded. The blast reportedly caused “heavy noise” and also “blew up” the socket. According to the user, OnePlus Nord 2 5G The phone was still working.

The affected user tagged the OnePlus support team who asked him to go to the customer care centre. The user informed that one of the centre officials told him that the incident was caused by voltage fluctuations.

After checking the charger, the service centre had also promised to replace it, though the user tweeted on Tuesday stating that he could not find it. However, a few hours later the company contacted the user. The user had received the replacement of the charger by the time the news was written and the user reported this in a tweet.

“We take any such claim very seriously,” OnePlus told Gadgets ROSHIYA via email. The user has handed over the damaged OnePlus charger to our service centre and has been offered to replace it. The company further explained that “OnePlus Charger has built-in capacitors that control and store energy. In this case, after thorough analysis, capacitors have remained intact and concluded that the explosion was caused by external factors such as voltage fluctuations. “


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