30 दिन तक 30GB डाटा और कई सारे बेनेफिट देता है Airtel का ये रीचार्ज, कीमत 300 से भी कम...

This recharge of Airtel gives 30GB data and many benefits for 30 days, the price is less than 300…

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Most users believe that all recharge plans equipped with extra data come without any validity. At the same time, they do not have other benefits. But it is not that many telecom companies provide extra benefits and validity along with some of their data packs. We are going to give you a similar plan of Airtel today in which the telecom company, which has established its identity as an expensive recharge, offers you many great benefits in a very low-cost recharge plan.

You will be surprised to know that this plan of Airtel is priced at less than Rs. 300, in which the company gives your data, calling and SMS benefits. Airtel’s plan value 299, in which customers get a validity of 30 days. Speaking of benefits, as we mentioned, it is a data pack of the company. This pack provides customers with data not 1 GB extra or 2 GB extra data but for the entire 30GB data use. But not only that, despite having a data pack, this pack includes a lot for customers.

The plan also includes unlimited calling benefit for customers in which they can enjoy unlimited calling for a full month on any network. In addition to calling, packed sms are available to send you 100 SMS free of cost daily.

Apart from data, calling and SMS, the company also provides you with free Prime Video Mobile Edition under this plan. In fact, prime video mobile edition is a single-device-mobile only service. In this you can access prime video content in standard quality using Prime Video app.

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