Top Personal Finance Blogs in the U.S.

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Understanding your finances and conserving money can be challenging, especially if you have a family or work at a low-wage job. However, there are other personal financial sites where you may obtain actionable money advice. These blogs provide free information, advice, and explanations for complicated money-related subjects, whether you need to decrease debt, save for your first house, or learn how to spend sensibly.

Top Personal Finance Blogs in the U.S.

We’ll look at some of the best American personal finance blogs to help you improve your money management abilities.

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The Best Personal Finance Blogs in the U.S.

Mr Money Has a Mustache

Mr Money Mustache is an excellent personal finance website. The blogger is Pete Adeney (he has a moustache!). He may offer aid, financial advice, and amusing tales. For example, he and his wife retired comfortably at the age of 30. He established his blog six years later, attracting a loyal following of “Mustachians.”

The site focuses on his story and provides a plethora of financial freedom knowledge. His publications are about index funds for the stock market. Readers can also post questions on the website’s forums. The site now has its mobile app, which allows you to browse content and use several financial calculators while on the go.

Money Smart Latina

Athena Valentine, a known adolescent development specialist who experienced homelessness in high school, founded Money Smart Latina. Her blog describes how she overcomes obstacles to attain career and financial success.

The blog focuses on budgeting, mental health, spending, money management, and other business-related themes. While anybody may read Money Smart Latina, there is a special emphasis on financial literacy for Latinos.

Debt Free Guys

Debt Free Guys is an excellent financial resource designed to assist homosexual guys in managing their finances responsibly. Debt Free Guys were written by married pair John Schneider and David Auten and offer plenty of information and step-by-step tutorials on managing your money efficiently, getting out of debt, budgeting without losing your favourite indulgences, and more.

The duo also has their product, Queer Money, which addresses LGBTQ+ financial difficulties.

Rich & Regular

Rich & Regular is a blog about how a married couple (Julien and Kirsten) paid off their $200,000 debt in five years while expanding their net worth. The site, which debuted in 2015, encourages other families to become financially self-sufficient.

This is the site for you if you need honest advice on how to take control of your finances using basic ideas. Expect no get-rich-quick scams, simply practical advice that you can apply in your daily life.

Marriage, children, and money

Marriage, Kids, and Money is another personal finance site geared at assisting families with their financial management. Andy Hill founded the blog, which also features a podcast that covers the same issues.

The blog began as a creative outlet and side project for Andy, but it has since evolved into his full-time career. You’ll find a wealth of information about debt repayment, early retirement, and financial independence. You’ll also get advice on how to strengthen your connections with family and friends.

Budget Inspiration

If you’re searching for a new budgeting method that truly saves money, Inspired Budget is a great place to start. Allison Baggerly is a seasoned blogger who started her website to tell her tale.

In 2011, she had just gotten married and was drowning in debt. She did, however, pay off her loan in five years. This blog compiles all of the lessons she gained while making better financial decisions, to assist women in achieving financial freedom and budgeting intelligently.

There are other free materials available, including tops and other debt-free tales.

Inspired Budget also has an Instagram account where you can get even more debt-reduction and budgeting advice.

The Pioneers

The Pioneers is one of our newest blogs on the list. Jess and Corey started the blog in 2018 to document their road to financial freedom. This married pair, on the other hand, does not practise extreme austerity and instead enjoys their financial journey.

The site covers numerous financial topics and provides advice on how to properly manage money. The pair also established the well-known Slow Fi series, which illustrates their distinctive approach to money management.

Brave Saver

Elyssa Kirkham, a financial journalist, founded Brave Saver to help those who are struggling financially live a better life. Readers may get advice on how to handle their money daily, making decisions based on their beliefs rather than their anxieties.

Brave Saver takes a new approach to financial freedom by providing money management guidance for difficult situations rather than illusory “simple recommendations.” Kirkham, on the other hand, approaches financial management holistically, asking “why” rather than “how.”

Last Thoughts

Personal finance blogs are an excellent resource for learning new financial ideas, breaking down tough money management topics, and changing your outlook on budgeting and saving. Check out the blogs listed above to learn how to manage your money, become more financially aware, and make better long-term decisions.

Choosing the Best Personal Finance Blogs in the United States

It was difficult to select our Top Personal Finance Blogs in the United States. When preparing this list, we looked for particular criteria, such as websites that are consistently updated, have an accessible and entertaining tone of voice, and feature high-quality media.

We will share how we choose the blogs on this list to offer insight into our selection criteria:

Knowledge from several fields
We were looking for genuine, lived experiences that covered certain subjects and areas of saving/making money. We wanted to include bloggers who shared their different experiences with money management.

Well-written and thoroughly researched
We wanted to discover blogs that were interesting and engaging, but we also wanted to make sure the information offered was clear and straightforward so that anybody with financial goals might find each page valuable.

A lot of information
In addition to great material, we wanted to ensure that each blog had a considerable amount of information, with plenty of helpful tips, tactics, advice, and suggestions for visitors to learn from.

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