What is Google AMP? How Does it Work [A Quick and Easy Guide]?

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What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? Yes, Friends, today in this post, we will give you the complete information about Google AMP. However, Google introduced it only in 2016. But still, many new bloggers are unaware of this, so we will try to tell complete information about Google AMP in this post. If you have not yet learned about it, read this Article carefully until the END.

You might know that over 60% of online searches are done on mobile devices. Earlier mobiles had very few functions, and computers/laptops had more features so that people could do their work only from the computer. But in the last few years, companies such as Google, Android, and Apple have brought many changes. In recent times, 70% of the computer’s functionality will be found in the android phone.

If we say in simple words, the people who used to use the computer to do these tasks earlier, today they can do it even with mobile. People used to go to the office with a computer/laptop, but now most people only carry their phones. So, many changes have come.

More than 70% of internet users use mobile phones only to access the internet. Given these, Google cares more about mobile users than computer users today. That’s why Google has launched many features for mobile devices in the last few years. Some time ago, Google introduced Mobile-First Index, and after that, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in February 2016. a framework through which we can load our web pages quickly.

You know that Google is giving more responses to mobile users. You all will know that in our country, people are still troubled by slow internet connections. According to Google, more than 40% of their use is still disturbed by slow internet connection. Keeping all these things in mind, Google and Twitter have created a new project. You are aware of its name.

Google made it clear long ago that site loading speed means a lot for Google and is an integral part of the Google ranking factor. If the loading speed of a site is more than 3-4 seconds, then it is not much better, but if the site or webpage takes 5 seconds or more to load, then Google does not like it. If the loading speed of your site is plodding, then I would highly recommend that you use AMP. With this, the loading speed of your site can make up to 85% faster. The content shows by removing unnecessary script and content from your website.

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

AMP, accelerated mobile pages, is a framework that instantly loads a website or webpage. According to our research, what created the AMP plugin by combining both Google and Twitter Google’s only objective behind creating AMP was to load mobile pages quickly. You can learn more deeply about this by visiting the open-source initiative platform.

When AMP is enabled on a webpage, unnecessary content and script are removed from there, so what can load the webpage fast. Apart from this, HTML, Javascript, and CSS codes are minified.

When you enable AMP in the blog, the actual theme of your blog will be the same, and there will be a different type of simple design theme for the amp version. Before using it, also know that only low-quality scripts are used in AMP so that it can load fastly. In this, the use of javascript is negligible. In this, you cannot use any stylish javascript widget (ex. popup subscribe box widget). Apart from this, only low-quality CSS will be able to use it.

Why should you use Accelerated Mobile Pages?

If you have read the above correctly and what is AMP? Know about it properly. Then you must know who AMP is for and why you should use it. If you do not understand, let us know in detail.

We had mentioned above that the biggest reason for google to launch AMP was by fast loading the webpage to show instant results to its users. indicates that AMP is significant for those whose blog has a slow loading speed. If your site loads within 2 seconds, then the amp is unimportant. But if you still want to use it, it will be good. You are using Avery essential if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load.

The most significant advantage of using AMP is that site loading speed is fast. With this, the site becomes wholly mobile-friendly and optimized for Mobile-First Index. Pages with the amp in Google SERP get a good position. If you keep doing a regular search in google, you will also notice that the sites with the amp indexed are on good and excellent search results pages. Google SERP has an amp icon in the area that has an amp below. Which also increases the chances of clicking on it. Take a look here.

Google AMP

By looking at the user screenshot, you must have known that Google is giving more responses to AMP users. It also has schema markup, meta tags, and many SEO optimizations. Allows Google to understand your content correctly and increases the chances of showing in google featured posts.

How does Google AMP Work?

How can we make a webpage fast using Google AMP? Or how does AMP work? Many people would like to know the answer. So let us tell you that AMP works with AMP HTML, the AMP JS library, and Google AMP Cache.

The AMP JavaScript (JS) library contains all the best-performing tags and elements. Fast loaded in addition to some custom js used in amp javascript. What created labels of slightly different types in AMP HTML. As we are explaining below

Normal tag:


AMP tag:


Normal tag:


AMP tag:


Normal Tag:


AMP Tag:


When AMP is enabled on a site, its webpage’s content is stored in the Google AMP cache file. When a person visits the website’s amp version, the data stored in the google amp cache is shown.

Google only takes the content on your site and changes it to use AMP by designing it independently. With this, whenever the visitor visits your site, there will be data load stored in google cache, but traffic will come to your site.

How to Find a website that has AMP-enabled?

It is effortless to find when the amp is enabled on a site. If you do not know, then I am telling you a simple trick by which you can see the amp version of any site.

The simplest way is to visit the webpage or site’s URL by adding / amp to the last. Like https://www.example.com/amp

Is AMP a Google Ranking Factor?

The answer in this one word is that NO AMP search engine is not part of the ranking factor. Google man John Mueller has said that amp is not the ranking factor of Google. He said that using the AMP will help increase the mobile ranking signal, but it is not a part of the search ranking factor.

The question of some people will also be that when searching from mobile. Why do the amp pages come on the top of the 1st page? So, the answer is straightforward: using the amp increases the mobile ranking signal, and the mobile is indexed at the top position.

How can a WordPress user enable AMP?

Now finally, we need to know how to enable AMP in WordPress? Using amp in WordPress is very easy. For this, you have to use the plugin.

You cannot manually enable amp in WordPress, but you can easily do it via the plugin. For this, you can use the official AMP plugin page. Setting up this plugin is also very easy. If you don’t know, wait for a little. We are going to write a post about this very soon.


Now you will have come to know complete information about AMP. We will also give you more details on the amp in the coming time. I hope you like it after reading this post. Comment to ask questions related to this Article. If you liked the post, share it with friends.

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