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What is SEO Organic: Organic Traffic is most important for any website, and the most significant source of organic traffic is a search engine which plays the most critical role in ranking any website ko SEO.

Many people who make their blogs or websites do not have helpful information about SEO. After all, what is SEO, and how is SEO done. Many people consider only making backlinks as SEO, which is half the incomplete information.


Till we do not have complete knowledge about what SEO is, till then, we keep working only with half an incomplete SEO strategy, and if we do not get our desired results, then we are disappointed. How many blogs are published online in a day? Otherwise, you will be surprised to learn that more than 20 lakh blogs are posted and posted only on WordPress, and it is complicated to estimate this number for other blogging platforms.

If you talk about only one article, millions of blogs are written on only one piece, out of which only a few blogs come in google search, 0.0005% of the total blogs published on a single article in a day. It is the same. You said that 99.99% of blogs are not even in the top 100 hundred blogs list of google. And the biggest reason for this is S.E.O. If you want to make a blogging career, you have to read this topic very seriously because if you do not have full knowledge of SEO, then you cannot survive in this line.

Today we will know in this article why it is called SEO? What is SEO, and how does SEO? So first, we will know the complete form of SEO, and then we will start SEO remaining Information.

SEO Full FORM – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO Organic?

SEO Definition: This is a technique through which we optimize any article or website to rank higher in search engines. This technique makes any blog post compatible with the search engine algorithm so that for any blog or website, we write trends at the top of the search engine.

And we all know website trends 1st position in the search engine attracts 50% of total traffic to its website, which is enough to make any website popular. This search engine can be Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Talking about India and the world, when we talk about internet search engines, the name Google comes first to our mind because this search engine is the most used in the whole world.

That’s why all SEO EXPERT do their blog according to SEO algorithm. Next, we will talk about these algorithmic factors. By optimizing them, we will know how to bring our blog to the first page of Google. First, we need to know HOW SEO OrganicWORKS.


It is vital to know how SEO works because if we do not know about this, then we will not be able to understand what Seo is appropriate. To know how SEO WORKS, we must first understand how the Search Engine works. Then we will learn how SEO works.

How does Search Engine Works?

To understand how the search engine works, we must first understand the basics of the search engine. So, let’s first understand.

What is a Search Engine? We all know that a search engine is a search machine. But when we talk about the factor of SEO, we will know that a search engine is an answering machine, which shows the answer to any question asked by any user through the website on the Internet.

Search Engines have three Primary Functions:

Crawl: Each search engine has its bot that crawls pages containing information related to the search on the Internet to answer the search query. After which, the process of the index takes place.

Index: stores and organizes content found during the crawling process, after which, consecutively, the process of presenting start the page.

Rank: After this, shows the pages with the most accurate and correct information sequentially. The position is determined based on algorithms.

For example, when we search for anything in Google or any search engine, the search engine bot crawls all the related web pages, then arranges them, and the most accurate Pages with correct details are displayed successively.

Many factors are responsible for ranking these pages, which we know as algorithms. Each search engine has its algorithm, but some primary factors are similar to each search engine.

The more websites are compatible with these algorithms rank, the higher the website or page search engine. Who are these factors? Will we know briefly about them? First, we will learn about keywords in SEO, and then we will understand ranking factors.

What is Keyword in SEO Organic?

Friends, when we search for something in Google, it is called KEYWORD in the SEO language. For example, as someone searched Google “What is the Internet,” What is Internet? Here is a question for the familiar person. KEYWORD in the language of SEO.

One should always use the long-tail keywords as people only use short-term keywords while searching. They do not use grammar, so more and What should use more keywords in a keyword. And You should always take keywords in a way that defines your content.

Top 9 Google Algorithm factors to Rank Higher in Search Engine

There are many factors to make any website trend at the top, but I will tell you the essential elements that are the most important for any website. These factors are most important for the SEO of any website. Let’s know BASIC SEO FACTOR.

Content: Content is the most important thing for any website or blog. The content should be complete and in-depth comprehensive, and the method of writing should also be simple and attractive. Write Quality Content, and Content-Length must be at least 1000 words.

Freshness: Whichever type is written, keep updating the old information. Because everything changes with time, keep the innovation in your blog or article and keep the blogs updated regularly.

Backlink: Backlinks are like the backbone of any website. Quality and relevant backlinks are most important. Applicable meanings are similar. So, try to create a backlink from a website similar to your website.

Mobile-Friendly: Nowadays, the Internet is used mainly by mobiles. Therefore, your website should be mobile-friendly for users with any problem with the interface of the website—one of the most essential and significant ranking factors.

A Page Speed: If your website loading time is more, then any user will exit from your website, and your bounce rate will also increase, which is a negative point for any website. So, the page speed should be good. And page loading time must be at least 3 seconds.

Schema code: This is very important for Local SEO. What is an essential factor if you think about ranking higher on Google? Schema markup code makes it more accessible for search engines to understand the phone number, address, etc., especially local businesses.

Social Signals are very helpful in increasing the reputation of any website, and it also increases the reach of your website. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest were occasionally active and shared their products or content with people.

Domain Authority: Here, domain means domain authority and domain niche. Choose a domain name related to your product or blog. For example, you want to create a blog on Insurance. It would help if you also used domain-related keywords. It acts as a plus point.

HTTPS: HTTPS is one of the Important Ranking Factors according to the Google Webmaster Central blog. Therefore, you must use SSL on your website. It also leaves an impact on the user and is also compatible with algorithmic rules.

#Bonus Tip [User Experience]: The meaning of User Experience is very clear. When you visit a website, your experience must be overall. If the website is not according to your mind or your convenience, you will not want to visit that site again. Many things depend on the user experience.

Here are the Top 9 Google Algorithm factors to Rank Higher in Search Engine. Now I know the types of SEO Organic.

Types of SEO Organic

So far, do you guys know what SEO is and how it works? Now let’s talk about the types of SEO, that is, how many types of SEOs are there.

If you talk about TYPES OF SEO, then there are many types of SEO. Now you must be thinking that till now, you have read or heard about on-page and Off-page SEO, then how am I saying about many types of SEOs.

Friends, SEO has become very detailed today, looking at the business module of the Internet. While On-page and Offpage fall under the Basic SEO category, LOCAL SEO and VOICE SEARCH SEO are competitive in today’s market.

Here We Will Discuss 4 TYPES OF SEO.

#1- ON PAGE SEO Organic

ON Page SEO TECHNIQUE is very important for any website. Through this technique, we optimize the content keywords of our website or blog and tell the search engine answers the queries searched user responded here. Simply put, on-page SEO refers to the changes you make to your site which positively affect its performance.

On-page SEO, we make our blog search-friendly and follow all the factors which are the priority of any search engine. Above I told you about the Top 10 Google Algorithm factors to Rank Higher in Search Engine.

Many factors come into the on-page SEO, such as – Content, page speed, user experience, Mobile First and SSL, etc. Apart from this, more factors come under on-page SEO. If guys want more or complete information about On-Page Seo, Comment Down, I will explain every single Information about ON-Page SEO in the following article.

#2- What is OFF-PAGE SEO

OFF-PAGE SEO depends on external factors that affect the performance of your site. You can control the ON-PAGE SEO, but you cannot control the response from the OFF PAGE SEO. Who is the second major factor in making your SEARCH ENGINE RANKING BOOST?

And the most critical part of it is social media sharing, many benefits from this. For example, you shared your website on FACEBOOK. Sharing is in your hands, but you cannot control the responses received on it. What promotes your website and also provides traffic?

There are many other similar things under OFF PAGE SEO. If you guys want more or complete information about OFF-PAGE SEO, Comment Down, and I will explain every single Information about OFF-PAGE SEO in the following article.

#3- What is LOCAL SEO?

A Business locally, to spread through the Internet, you should FOCUS on LOCAL SEO. It can be easy and complicated, depending on the circumstances. Counts competition at the local level.

This SEO strategy helps you focus on using techniques that help you reach local customers. What is a great way to get more traffic and customers for your business?

How to do local SEO?

1- As I said, it depends on the competition to a large extent. Keep the quality of your product excellent.

2- Make your business page in the BUSINESS DIRECTORY and give a link to your website.

3- Continue to share your product and its subject information by creating your page on SOCIAL MEDIA.

4- Promote your website on the FREE CLASSIFIEDS website.

5- Apart from this, many other techniques are used in local SEOs, and I continue to study and practice them.


A Voice SEO is a new technique in SEO optimizations used to search content based on voice. However, still, in the early stages of popularity, this technology’s future anticipated to grow more. Alexa and Google Assistant are recent examples.

How to do voice

In Voice SEO, all the factors used for any content rack are used. The topic, voice content you create, its title, and description should be in SEO format to know the audio content.

White hat vs. black hat SEO

The SEO TECHNIQUE we talked about so far is the White Hat Seo. And now we are going to know about Black hat SEO.


“Black Hat SEO” refers to the techniques and strategies that rank any website or article by deceiving spam on search engines. This technique can rate any article or website faster than white hat SEO.

Is it a risky technique? After being identified, your website can be de-indexed or listed as a spam website, which can be very annoying for anyone.

Any intelligent person would like to stay away from this type of technology. Use the technique only if you want to promote any of your content for a short period.

SEO Conclusion:

I hope you guys have liked this information about SEO and how you do it. In this article, I have tried to give complete information about SEO. Questions about SEO, please ask in the comments, and I will answer your question ASAP. If you share this article with your friends, it will help me to write more helpful articles for you guys.


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